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"Many lifetimes we dance right at the door of freedom. We spin pirouettes on the doormat and never quite know who we are. Just one click, one turn of that knob, and you know—that's all. It's so easy. It's not a matter of it being difficult. It's a matter of people not knowing where to go. As soon as you know where to go and you have the courage to go there, it's easy. Go to the unknown, experience the unknown, be the unknown. All true knowledge awakens within the unknown."

~ Emptiness Dancing, Adyashanti

Violet Fire /// Transmutation Climax !
2017, HDV video, color, stereo sound 

Sweet and sour vibes are floating in the air.
Nostalgia of the end. Thrill of a grand beginning.
Any world having faced the threshold of major transformations knows the feeling. 

Here, resonance echoes transmutation. Resonance is the building block of the Multiverse. 
Whenever it is played with, with focused intent and a deep sense of balance, harmony can be restored.

It is unfolding even as we speak.

What material are dreams made of ? (Part 3)
2013-2015, HDV video, color, stereo sound 

What material are dreams made of ? (Part 3) is the last episode of a trilogy determined to explore the nature and the essence of dreams. Manifesting here in clusters in different areas of an apartment building, the dreams of this video question the relationship they have to their dreamers as well as how they affect others and Reality itself. 

Dreams might be the ultimate insight into these other dimensions that our modern & urban oriented societies deny to exist but desperately need.

What material are dreams made of ? (Part 2)
2013-2015, HDV video, color, silent

Indoor dreams deploy and liven up under our very eyes. 
Shimmering and intensely hued, these musings have something of the strangest of butterflies. 
Indeed, they have an acute knowledge of metamorphosis and a pronounced taste for journey.
O joy.

This video is the second episode of an investigation conducted in the everyday life of dreams...

What material are dreams made of ? (Part 1)
2013-2015, HDV video, color, silent

In the intense silence of hidden moments, evanescent organisms manifest.
They escape to the net trying to catch them - except to the imagination that they feed, and shape. 

What is the essence of dreams ? 

This movie is the first of a trilogy apprehending those entities... 

Squares versus Circles
2012, HDV video, color, stereo sound 

From our cold metropolises to the confines of cosmos...


Des Signaux Miroitants
2011, DV video, color, stereo sound 


Give me an embracing glance...
2009, DV video, color, stereo sound